Larry Rockwood

L. Rockwood


Department of Biology

Building/Office: EXPL 1203

Phone: 703-993-1031

Email: Click here


Larry Rockwood is a Professor and Chair of the Department of Biology. Dr. Rockwood has taught Ecology, Population Ecology and Tropical Ecology at George Mason University for 40 years. His research interests include population and tropical ecology, and plant-animal interactions. He collaborates with scientists at the Smithsonian Institution on a variety of research topics. He is the author of a recent textbook (An Introduction to Population Ecology, 2nd Edition, 2015, Blackwell) and is co-author of an Ecology Laboratory Manual. He also edited the book (with Ronald Stewart and Tom Dietz) Foundations of Environmental Sustainability: The Coevolution of Science and Policy, published in June 2008 by Oxford University Press.