James Lawrey

J. Lawrey

Department of Biology

Building/Office: DK 3032

Phone: 703-993-1059

Email: Click here

Website: http://mason.gmu.edu/~jlawrey/biography/

Dr. Lawrey’s research deals with ecology, systematics and evolution of lichens and lichen-associated fungi. He has been investigating the phylogeny and systematics of tropical basidiolichens and their cyanobacterial photobionts, and is also working on the phylogeny and systematics of parasitic lichenicolous fungi. He has done research on lichen chemical ecology and biomonitoring of atmospheric quality using lichens. He is author of Biology of Lichenized Fungi and book chapters and journal articles dealing with chemical ecology, lichens, lichenicolous fungi and mycology. Dr. Lawrey teaches courses in biodiversity, evolution and environmental biology. He is editor of the international journal The Bryologist and is past-president of the American Bryological and Lichenological Society, the Botanical Society of Washington and the Washington Biologists’ Field Club.