Deborah Polayes

Term Professor

Director of Undergraduate Studies

Department of Biology

Building/Office: EXPL 1206

Phone: 703-993-4543

Email: Click here

Dr. Polayes has worked in the biotech industry for more than 15 years. She received her PhD in Biochemistry at Michigan State University and did post-doctoral work at the UC-San Diego and at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She was also a visiting professor at UC-Berkeley working on DNA polymerase I in E. coli. Dr. Polayes has worked on DNA and RNA polymerases and competent cell while at Life Technologies. She was also on the team that developed the Gateway Cloning system, a novel recombination cloning method. At the ATCC, she worked in mycoplasma testing and has a patent for a new PCR based procedure for the identification of mycoplasma. Since joining George Mason University, Dr. Polayes has taught BIOL305/306, 311, 405, 407 and 483, but her primary interests are in the molecular biology and biochemistry of prokaryotes.