Anne Scherer

Term Assistant Professor

Department of Biology

Building/Office: EXPL 1217

Phone: 703-993-4530

Email: Click here

Dr. Scherer obtained her Ph.D. in molecular, cellular and developmental biology from Indiana University in 2004. Her dissertation research focused on the establishment of the dorsal-ventral axis through cell-cell signaling during Drosophila melanogaster oogenesis. Following her Ph.D., she taught cell biology for 7 years at a small liberal arts college in Minnesota before moving to Northern Virginia. Dr. Scherer became a faculty member at George Mason University in the fall of 2015 where she teaches genetics, phage discovery, phage genomics and developmental genetics. She is an active participant in the HHMI-sponsored SEA-PHAGES program which supports the implementation of a two-semester, discovery-based research course where students isolate and analyze bacteriophage from soil samples.