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We highly recommend you seek advising early in the semester, as soon as the schedule of classes is released. Check GMU SSC Campus for more availability.

Advising categories:

Biology Major Advising covers almost all advising topics, always has drop in times and is available every week by appointment.

Biology Online Advising is an extension of Biology Major Advising, available for students who may not be able to make it on campus. This category almost always has appointments, and is available through Blackboard Collaborate. Like Biology Major Advising, it covers almost all advising topics.

Biology- Honors in the Major is by appointment only with Dr. Kocache. This is for admitted Honors in the Major students only, not applicants. Interested in applying to Honors in the Major? Email Dr. Kocache at

Biology Freshman Advising is an extension of Biology Major Advising as an introduction to advising. This category is not as expansive as Biology Major Advising.

Declare/change major/minor Advising are drop in times to change your major. This is not a typical advising appointment. To access Biology Major Advising, you must be a declared Major. You can simply drop in to the office fill out the form. Not sure and need to talk to someone? Email Dr. Polayes,

Medical Laboratory Science Advising is by appointment only with Dr.Verhoeven. This is for admitted MLAB students only. Interested in changing majors or learning more? Email Dr. Verhoeven, for an appointment.

Drop Ins are subject to change, depending on the advisor’s calendar.

The GMU Academic Advising Center website is very helpful as a starting point.

Also visit the GMU Health Professions Advising website if you are interested in health professions.