Degree Programs

The Department of Biology (this link goes to the current GMU catalog) offers bachelor degree programs in biology that provide a sound liberal arts education with substantial experience in quantitative and analytical thought, along with preparation for a related profession. In addition to ensuring the strong background necessary for graduate study in the many fields of biological science, the broad range of courses available at Mason allows students to develop careers in many areas, including secondary school teaching, environmental management, microbiology, molecular biology, biotechnology, genetics, and natural history. Alternatively, students may prepare for postgraduate studies in medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, wildlife management, fisheries biology, or marine science. The program also offers a Medical Laboratory Science, BS. Additional information can be found at the Department of Biology’s web site at or by visiting the Department of Biology’s office in Exploratory Hall, Suite 1200.

§ Biology, B.A. 
Secondary Education – Biology certificate is offered through GSE

§ Biology, B.S.  
Secondary Education – Biology certificate is offered through GSE

Click HERE to view the catalog requirements for each concentration below.  The list below is updated to reflect the current catalog information.  If you are looking for a concentration that is not listed below, please click on the link to find it in the GMU Catalog.

  • Concentration in Bioinformatics (BNF)
  • Concentration in Biopsychology (BP)
  • Concentration in Biotechnology and Molecular Biology (BTMB)
  • Concentration in Environmental and Conservation Biology (ESCB)
  • Concentration in Microbiology (MIB)
  • No Concentration

§ Medical Laboratory Science, B.S.

§ Biology, B.S./Biology, Accelerated M.S

§ Biology, BA or BS/Curriculum and Instruction, Accelerated MEd (Secondary Education Biology concentration)

§ Career Changer’s Biological Sciences Undergraduate Certificate

§ Biology Minor

Click on the links to read more about the Department of Biology’s Requirements and Policies (including the Writing-Intensive Requirement, Teacher Licensure, Biology for Non-Majors, and more)  and also learn about the Honors Program in Biology.