Important Notes:

Department of Biology laptop requirement

The Department of Biology requires all biology majors to have a laptop and bring it to recitation sections of the following courses: Biology 214, 300 and 308.

A PC rather than a MAC is recommended. Chrome books are unfortunately not adequate.

Changes in Biology General Education Courses

For at least 45 years, Biology has offered the sequence BIOL 103-104 to satisfy the university general education requirement for a laboratory science.  Some time ago, the university general education core requirements changed such that the minimum requirement for students was one course with a laboratory and a second course with or without a laboratory.  Nevertheless, Biology continued to offer both BIOL 103 and 104 with a required laboratory since many colleges maintained the two semester laboratory requirement. However, when the College of Humanities and Social Sciences changed their science requirement to match that of the university general education plan (one course with a laboratory, one course without), the enrollment in Biology began to decline from 384 in Spring of 2015 to 258 in Spring of 2017.

Students who completed BIOL 103 and who wanted to continue in Biology, but did not wish to take a second course with a lab, had no options.  Accordingly, the Department of Biology has made the following changes effective Spring Semester 2018:

BIOL 104 will be replaced by two separate courses.  BIOL 107 will replace the lecture portion of BIOL 104.  BIOL 106 will replace the laboratory portion of BIOL 104.  A student may take BIOL 107 without taking 106.  However, a student wishing to take the course with a laboratory must register for both BIOL 106 and BIOL 107.  In the unusual case of a transfer student coming in with a lecture course equivalent to BIOL 107 (or 104 under the old system), that student may take 106 alone, but should consult with the Department of Biology before registering.

Both 106 and 107 will satisfy the science general education requirement along with BIOL 103.

BIOL 310 and 330

BOTH 310 AND 330 are required for the BA and BS degrees in Biology.  BIOL 310 is the lecture section, which must be taken simultaneously with BIOL 330, which is the lab/recitation course.  To graduate with a BA or BS in Biology, you must have a C or better in both 310 and 330. In the future, if you have a C or better in 330, but need to repeat 310 (the lecture), you will not be required to take 330 a second time.  The reverse is also true, though much less likely.  That is, if you have a C or better in 310, you may repeat 330 if necessary without repeating 310.  However, the first time you register for 310, you must also register for 330, which is listed as a co-requisite for 310.

Course syllabi samples

Listed below are sample course syllabi for core undergraduate courses:

BIOL 103 Introductory Biology I
BIOL 104 Introductory Biology II
BIOL 124 Human Anatomy & Physiology (Part I)
BIOL 125 Human Anatomy & Physiology (Part II)
BIOL 213 Cell Structure and Function
BIOL 214 Biostatistics for Biology Majors
MLAB 300 Science Writing
BIOL 305 Biology of Microorganisms
BIOL 308 Foundations of Ecology and Evolution
BIOL 310 Biodiversity
BIOL 311 General Genetics
BIOL 452 Immunology

NOTE: Students enrolled in BIOL 214. 300, and 308 are REQUIRED to bring in a laptop (see top of this page) to the recitation sections.

Undergraduate Courses

Search directly from the University Catalog by clicking on the Course tab and then typing in a course number e.g. BIOL 425.

BIOL 100-499 (open to all undergraduates)

BIOL 500-699 (graduate courses open to advanced undergraduate students with the permission of the department)

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Other Options for Taking Courses

Graduate Course For Undergraduate Credit (PDF)

Study Elsewhere Request – Undergraduate (PDF)

Reserve Graduate Credit (PDF)