BIOLOGY 440 – Costa Rica

Tropical Biology – Trip to Costa Rica (Spring 2016)


The group in the Cerro de la Muerte area. Pictured left to right: Megan Barlow, Lynn Bonomo, Jonathan Clark, Lauren Brown, Nick Sharma, Marieke Kester (TA), Vin Singh, Dr. Rebecca Forkner.


A fiery-throated hummingbird seen in the Cerro de la Muerte area


Red-crowned parakeets seen in San Vito


The students in a strangler fig tree in San Vito. Pictured L-R: Vin Singh, Lynn Bonomo, Megan Barlow, Nick Sharma, Lauren Brown, Jonathan Clark


Walking along the beach on the Oso peninsula. Pictured L-R: Lauren Brown, Nick Sharma, Jimmy (guide), Dr. Rebecca Forkner, Jonathan Clark, Lynn Bonomo


A scarlet macaw seen on the Oso peninsula


Some of the students observing wildlife from a boat on the Tarcoles River. Pictured L-R: Nick Sharma, Jonathan Clark, Lauren Brown, Vin Singh, Jimmy (guide)